Online Coaching Program

The Fit Happy Girl Online Coaching Program is designed to help women cultivate a new healthier lifestyle, reach their goals, maintain them and obtain better health overall using an online, weekly check-in format. 


What's Included:

Your new online coaching program includes:

  • 100% Custom Fitness and Macro Tracking Nutrition Plan:

    • You will receive a customized fitness and nutrition plan that best suits your goals.

    • Macro tracking tutorial guide.

    • MyFitnessPal tutorial guide.

    • You will have access to your custom workouts through the Fit Happy Girl Trainerize mobile app.

    • Adjustments will be made to your nutrition and fitness plans every 2-4 weeks based on your progress photos, check-ins and feedback. 


  • Progress & Checking in: 

    • You will have a weekly progress/ check-in form to email in every other Friday or Saturday, so adjustments can be made for the following week if needed. 

    • Your progress will be tracked through weekly weigh-ins, measurements and most importantly your photos.

    • The MyFitnessPal mobile app syncs with the Fit Happy Girl app and you may track your food and water there.


  • Support & Accountability:

    • Access to Fit Happy Girl Support & Accountability Group on Facebook. 

    • Your program comes with 100% support via phone, text, email and/ or skype.


  • Extras:

    • You may also receive the following: Supplementation suggestions, a shopping guide, clean foods list, and/ or FAQ’s.

    • As part of the program you will ALSO receive 10% off all Fit Happy Girl apparel and gear.


$199 per month

plus a one time

$99 enrollment fee

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