Lindsey B. Cusey


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Primal Health Coach

TITLE Boxing Certified Instructor

CPR/ AED Certified


Hi, I'm Lindsey,

Let  me  share  my  story...

Rather than go over my professional bio and all my credentials, how about I just share with you who I really am? My name is Lindsey Cusey, I was born in Minnesota, but grew up in Las Vegas and I come from an amazing and loving family. I am a Christian, and by no means am I perfect but at the end of the day - God comes first! Growing up, I was always in pretty good shape and stayed very active in sports and with extra cirricular activities. When I entered into my twenties I hit a rough patch in life and my attitude, motivation and especially my weight changed. None of it was for the better. I felt like nothing was going right, I was lost and I turned to food for comfort. I didn’t realize I had put on so much weight until I attended a Weight Watchers meeting with my sister, where I learned that my weight had reached 180 lbs. At 5’6″, my first thought was “that is almost 200 pounds". I remember exactly how I felt that day. My size 14 slacks were busting at the seams, but I refused to buy a 16. I’ve been there, I’ve been unhappy, and down and depressed about my looks. It made me really mad that I had let it get that far, because it seemed like it happened overnight. The extra weight took a toll on everything I did, I felt tired and sluggish. I didn’t have the same pep in my step I once had, and my confidence was gone. I had obviously been eating all the wrong things and my portion control was, well... out of control.


Since that time in my early twenties, I have experienced a lot of trial and error when it came to weight loss. I tried all the same fad diets and diet pills that everyone else has. I had an off and on relationship with the gym, but my unhealthy relationship with food always detoured me. Finally, in my late twenties I decided to take a Saturday afternoon and attend a Paleo nutrition seminar at a local Crossfit Gym. I had no idea what to expect but I can honestly say the seminar changed my life. I started to look at things differently, and realized I had been basically poisoning my body with junk food. For so long I had a "good enough" mentality. So I started by changing my relationship with food, and no longer looked to food to cope, or comfort me. Because it doesn't "really" help with either. I started to incorporate more exercise with my good nutrition and I saw a change in not only my weight, but my energy levels, mood, skin, sleep patterns and performance in the gym. Since that time I have lost the weight I put on, and I have been helping other women do the same ever since. I have earned two personal training certifications and in 2014 I competed in a NPC fitness competition in the Bikini division. I would have never guessed I would some day be here, and be helping other people with their health and fitness goals. Now I feel like it was all part of God's grand design! This is my passion, I will never do anything else. I love seeing results happen for these women, and watching them transform mentally and physically into who they were destined to be, and living a happier life overall. I love just being a part of that!

Lindsey runs our South Scottsdale training location, and offers small group and one-on-one training.


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